Dr. Juan De Dios Garcia



Yes, we accept insurance. We need full information concerning yor insurance coverage. Once treatnent is undertaken for our patients, we will submit all claims necessary and help you obtain maximum benefit. 


The cost for orthodontic treatment is determined by the severity of the case and the type of trearment necessary for each individual case. This fee will be presented at the CASE PRESENTATON appointment.

First Appointment -

The initial examination should be considered a CONSULTATION. No definitive procedures are caried out at this time. The purpose of this appointment is to determine if there is an orthodontic problem. If there is a problem but the condition is not ready for treatment, the patient is usually requested to return for a new consultation REEVALUATION at a later date. If treatment is indicated, two new appointments wil be made in the near future. The first is for X-rays, study models and pictures (RECORDS).

The second appointment is for the discussion of the patient's problems, treatment requirements, methods of treatment, time for tratment, and cost (CASE PRESENTATION).