Dr. Juan De Dios Garcia


Treatment info

Are you or a loved one a candidate for orthodontic treatment?

There is no age for orthodontic treatment. We have the training and flexibility to treat any condition at any age. Some orthodontic problems are easier to correct if they are found early. The first orthodontic check-up with an orthodontist is recommended no later than age 7. Early treatment gives the orthodontist the chance to:

  • Better oral hygiene
  • Guide jaw growth
  • Correct oral habits
  • Improve the look of the lips
  • Minimize the fracture of protruded teeth
  • Guide permanent teeth into the right position
  • Improve self-esteem

When to begin orthodontic treatment?

Training and experience make a difference in any dento-facial situation, ranging from simple to complex cases.

Starting as early as age 4 and continuing up to the Golden Years, clearly today there is no specific age for beginning orthodontic treatment including; intervention for prevention and interceptive orthodontics, early treatment, dento-facial orthopedics, full braces, orthogenetic surgery, orthodontic mini-pins and invisible retainers such as Invisalign and others.

Who needs an orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatment is based on the individual’s own nature, genetics, habits and most importantly, each patient’s personal desire and commitment concerning the treatment. Good patient cooperation is essential to a stable and successful orthodontic result.